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Jhalawar Medical College, Jhalawar



Senior  Professor

Dr. Gopal Purohit, HOD




Associate Professor

Dr. Chena Ram Choudhary


Assistant Professor

Dr Sunil Vyas

Senior resident

Dr. Hemant Borana

Dr. Kailash Sharma
Junior Resident Dr. Narendra U
Dr. Isha garg
Dr. Srikant Agarwal
Dr. Laxman Soni
Dr. Lalit Sharma
Dr. Shameel Ahammed
Dr. Sandeep Vernekar
Dr. Jyothi
Dr. Manish Advani
Dr. Rajendra garg
Dr. Subho Sarkar
Dr. Shahaji
Dr. Sanidhya tak
Dr. Aswathy
Dr. Mahesh gupta

Name of Doctor



Telephone No.

O.P.D. days

Endoscopy /minor procedure

Unit and Time

Dr. Gopal Purohit

Senior Professor

 82, infront shanty priya colony, B/H K.N. chest hospital cheergarh, Jodhpur


Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 1st, 3rd & 5th Sunday

Tuesday, Friday

All days of the week

Unit A 8am to 2pm Sunday 9am-11 am


Dr. Chena Ram Choudhary

Associate Prof.

 House No. 14 District shopping centre, kamla Nehru nagar, sector A, Jodhpur

94143 ­01661

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 1st, 3rd & 5th Sunday

Unit B 8am to 2pm 
Sunday 9am-11 am

Dr. Sunil Vyas

Asstt. Prof.

Plot No 92, Extension 7, New power house road , Jodhpur


Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 1st, 3rd & 5th Sunday

Unit A 8AM – 2Pm Sunday 9am-11 am



1. Active participation in the RNTCP program.

2. Successfully organized ZTF meetings for the RNTCP control program held at Jodhpur in December, 2014.

3. Successfully organized 13th State Conference on Tuberculosis & Respiratory Diseases NCCP-RAJPULMOCON-2014  on 29th & 30th March 2014 at Dr S N Medical College , Jodhpur.

4. RNTCP sensitization program has been organized recently for the residents and faculty of medicine and surgery, Obstetrics & Gynecology  and has been planned for the other clinical departments.

5. Dr. Sunil Vyas has been awarded with MNAMS degree.

6. Dr. Deepak UG has been selected for poster presentation at ERS conference at Amsterdam, Netherlands and ACCP CHEST conference at Montreal, Canada.

7. Dr. Kailash Sharma won  the Chest Challenge competition organized by ACCP (USA) and were selected for attending Chest Conference in Montreal (Canada) and free ACCP membership .

Publications in Last 3 years

  1. Suresh kumar singh, Gopal Purohit, Gautam Kumar lalwani. Effect of Ambient Air Pollution on Forced Vital Capacity of Lungs – A Case Study of Jodhpur City: Journal of Atmospheric Pollution, 2015, Vol. 3, No. 1, 15-17
  2. Dr. Gautam Kumar Lalwani, Dr. Gopal Purohit, Dr. Suresh Kumar Singh. Urban Air Pollution and Its Effect on Forced Expiratory Volume of Lungs: American Journal of Engineering Research(AJER): Vol. 4, Issue 4, pp-50-54
  3. Reduction in maximum voluntary ventilation of Lungs of sand stone Quarry workers: A Case Study: Journal of Medical Science and Clinical Research: vol. 03, Issue 03, March 2015
  4. Agarwal KC1, Deepak Singh2, Patil Shital3, Purohit G.4, Choudhary CR 5, Sameer Ali6. Cardiovascular alteration in COPD. What hurts the patient most. Journal of medicine Education & Research vol 3 no 1 Jan-Jun 2013
  5. Sunil Vyas1, Balamugesh Thangakunam1, Richa Gupta1, Joy Sarojini Michael2, Devasahayam Jesudas Christopher1
    Interferon gamma release assay and tuberculin skin test positivity in sarcoidosis. Lung India, Year 2015, Volume 32, Issue 1 [p. 91-92]
  6. Kavita VPalak D Raiyani,2 and Sunil S Vyas Tracheobronchial Amyloidosis- A series of two cases. Journal of clinical and diagnostic research. Sep 2014;8(9):FD09-FD10(PMC4225898)
  7. Soni Laxman Kumar, Purohit Gopal, Choudhary CR, Vyas Sunil and Soni Priyanka. Clinical – Pathological and radiological profile of primary lung cancer in western rajasthan, India: Analysis of 310 cases. International Journal of Current Research. Vol. 7, Issue 05. May 2015-09-29
  8. Soni Laxman Kumar1, Purohit Gopal2, Choudhary C.R3, Vyas Sunil4, Soni Priyanka5, Sharma Lalit6, Kumari Jyoti. Cavitary Lung Disease: Not Always due to Tuberculosis – coexistence of lung cancer and pulmonary tuberculosis A Case Report from India. International Journal of scientific research and management (IJSRM) ||Volume||3||Issue||7||Pages|| 3349-3355||2015||
  9. Dr Gopal Purohit, Dr Isha Garg, Dr C R Choudhary, Dr Sunil Vyas, Dr Srikant Agarwal, Dr Narendra U. Giant Bulla or Tension Pneumothorax- Diagnostic Dilemma in Emergency: A Case Series. Sch J Med Case Rep, August 2015; 3(8):704-707


  1. Special procedures like I.C.T.D, pleural aspiration and F.N.A.C for various lung diseases are regularly done here. in 2014 – 902 minor OT procedures have been performed.
  2. About 450- 550 Bronchoscopies are done every year. In 2014 - 543  bronchoscopies have been performed. Diagnostic Bronchoscopy is being performed every Wednesday and saturday.
  3. In 2014 -39 C-ARM guided TTNA & Transbronchial lung biopsies are done
  4. Medical Thoracoscopy is done for Pleural diseases (Tuesday & Friday).
  5. Body Plethysmography has been installed and functioning well
  6. CPET has been installed.
  7. Electrocautery facility for Bronchoscopic procedures is available since Jan 2015
  8. New flexible bronchoscope with Narrow Band Imaging Technology has been installed.
  9. In patient Deptt. – 150 bedded hospital with 4 wards, 3 cottage wards and 2 separate wards for the DOTS-Plus (MDR).
  10. Respiratory ICU(4 beds) has been started.(Non Invasive Ventillation only)
  11. Computerised  Spirometry is available and daily 10-12 spirometry is being performed for diagnosis and follow up.
  12. Central oxygen supply is available in all the Wards of the hospital.
  13. Silicosis camp is regularly conducted on 1st & 3rd Friday for diagnosis & A & B certificates are issued for silicosis patients for the financial benefit from govt by the pneumoconiosis board comprised of Dr. PC Vyas, Dr. Gopal Purohit, Dr. A L Chouhan. 1949 patients were screened till date & 1004 A certificates & 104 B certificates has been issued.


- Weekly case presentations, seminars and journals by residents on rotational basis.
- Case of the week/month routinely presented.
- Ward round teaching by the faculty on daily basis.
- Classes are held from 8-9am daily on weekdays.

Timely organization of CME’s, Workshops and press conference on special days like 
- World ASTHMA day – 2nd Tuesday of May 
- World ANTITOBACCO day – 31st May 
- World TB day – 24 March, etc.

Total Beds :  168
Patient load  in 2014
Indoor :  4856 (In 2014)           & 3376 (till aug 2015)
Outdoor : 35685(In 2014)         & 26384 (till Aug 2015)

Events Organised

  1. The 13th state conference RAJPULMOCON 2014 was successfully organized by the Dept. of Respiratory Medicine Dr S N M C Jodhpur on 29th & 30th March 2014.
  2. Organized an Orientation programme on Silicosis in July 2015 for all the members of pneumoconiosis board of Jodhpur zone
  3. Regular CME's are being conducted through Chest forum.

New facilities upgraded in the hospital

  1. Two Pathologists(1 lecturer & 1 Sr demonstrator) has been posted to perform pathology investigations like cytology.
  2. One pharmacist for BPL & one for MNDY scheme has been appointed
  3. New pulmonary Function lab has been constructed for plethysmography, DLCO, Spirometry, CPET
  4. Autoanalyzer has been installed in the lab.
  5. Digital x-ray machine has been installed in the dept.
  6. Vacant post of nursing superintendent has been fulfilled by the appointment of S N Sharma.
  7. Free  meal facility for patients & companions has been started in hospital premises.
  8. Parking facility for patient & attenders were upgraded in the campus
  9. one pathology lab assistant & one X-RAY assistant were appointed
  10. New digital X-ray machine is installed for Indoor & Emergency  patients 
  11. 38 Nursing staff have been appointed from Dr. S N M C, Jodhpur.
  12. Ramp is being constructed in the hospital

Research work undergoing in the dept(dissertation)

  1. Sleep disordered breathing in asthma patients – Dr. Narendra U
  2. Static and Dynamic lung volumes and diffusion studies in COPD & Asthma – Dr. Isha Garg
  3. Electrolyte imbalance in patients of Pulmonary TB – Dr. Srikant Agarwal
  4. Osteoporosis in COPD – Dr. Laxman Soni
  5. Factors associated in delay in the initiation of pulmonary TB treatment under RNTCP – Dr. Lalit kumar Sharma
  6. Prevalence of Pulmonary Hypertension in Silicosis – Dr. Jyothi
  7. Benefits of NBI in comparision with white light for diagnosis of lung tumors – Dr. Manish Advani
  8. Comparitive study of Serum electrolytes in HIV-TB, HIV, TB – Dr. Sandeep Vernekar
  9. Diagnostic role of Medical Thoracoscopy in patients undergoing ICTD – Dr. Shameel Ahmmed
  10. Epidemiological factors in patients of MDR pulmonary TB – Dr. Rajendra Garg


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