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Jhalawar Medical College, Jhalawar

Rajasthan Medicare Relief Society (R.M.S.)

Rajasthan Medicare Relief Society (R.M.S.)

Since November 1995, the Govt of Rajasthan has created a society named as Rajasthan Medicare relief Society (RM.S.) aimed to provide various diagnostic & treatement facilites on nominal cost to genreal patients and free of cost to very poor (B.P.L) and dependent patients. The society is run by a committee constituted with the following ---








Hospital Suprintendent

Member Secretary


Joint Director , Medical & Health (Ajmer Zone)



Member of Legistative Assembly (M.L.A.)



Social Worker / A known respectable person from general public / Donor



Professor , Medical College








The R.M.S. in the J.L.N  Hospital had been created and came into action since 18th November , 1995. It organizes its periodical meetings time to time . This society has done various remarkable works for the benefitment of patients , to name a few

(1) A bold decision was taken to charge a sum of Rs 5/- for every out patient door (OPD) prescription ticket and Rs. 10/- for every inpatient prescription form (now raised to Rs 10/- & 30/- respectively ). Fund raised in this manner is being utilized for the improvement & maintenance of trolley & wheel chair services, securities & lifts etc.

(2) Fund raised by the fees charged for various diagnostic investigations is being spend for the maintenance of different equipments so as to bring out a continuous health services to the patients

(3) All the routine & special diagnostic investigations are made available and a nominal fee, that is fifty to seventy percent less than that charged by the private diagnostic centers is being charged in the hospital for such investigations.

(4) R.M.R.S. is also running 'Medicare Stores' with the aim to made available the medicines on actual cost that may be sufficiently less than that in the drug stores in the market.

(5)New instruments / equipments are purchased by the R.M.R.S. for the development of health facilities in the different department and benefitment of the patients.

All the diagnostic and treatment facilities are provided free of cost to B.P.L. patients and senior citizens.


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